About Ancestral Rescue Club

The Tamworth based Ancestral Rescue Club was founded in 1999 to provide a friendly informal environment for those tracing their family history, regardless of experience. Over the years the club has continued to act as a support network wanting to rescue their family from obscurity.

Our members range from beginner through to expert family historians who have been researching their family history for 30+ years. Our club provides an informal and supportive network for everyone who has a keen interest in their family history. Throughout their research, members have become accidental experts in all kinds of family history topics, including both political and social history.

Whilst we are based in Tamworth, our doors are open to everyone, no matter where your family history is based. Many of our members have far-flung ancestors from across the globe.

We regret to inform you that we do not carry out search queries, we do however provide the perfect forum and environment for meeting up and sharing information with like-minded people. Come along today and meet and share experiences with fellow family historians.


How to find the Ladybridge pub


Annual membership costs £12 plus £2 per meeting, which includes everyone at your address. The first workshop is free of charge so come along and check us out.   Click to see a list of  Club-meet-dates (coming soon)

As well as meeting like-minded people and having fun whilst discovering your past, you get lots of other great benefits from joining such as:

  • Access to our own library
  • Vast range of other resources
  • Regular specialist speakers
  • Workshops
  • Organised visits, outings and special projects
  • Opportunity to meet and share experiences with fellow family historians
  • Exclusive help from ‘people in the know’
  • Fun, friendly environment to learn and meet like-minded people

Join today and start having fun!

Click the button to get started and discover your family history whilst having fun with like minded people.